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Viper Tactical Camo Concealment Guille Vest

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Mesh and light weight, perfect for the Aussie environment. 

High quality and durable, the Concealment Vest from Viper is an excellent addition to any camo systems and was designed to reduce and delay the ability to identify a position of a wearer.

Strategically placed all over the vest strong elastic bands allow to attach camouflage material, such as local foliage, ferns or long grass into, and help to suit any terrain. Additionally, the vest is equipped with a hook-and-loop detachable hood, two quick-release chest straps, and a waist strap for better fit. Moreover, it comes with a practical compression mesh bag for easy storage or transport.

Whether for a precision shooter to calmly maintaining a steady aim during an Airsoft battle, or a hobbyist photographer who wants to be able to take pictures of wildlife, the Concealment Vest from Viper is a thoroughly professional and affordable camouflage.

  • Lightweight and durable concealment mesh vest
  • One size fits all
  • Multi-season performance
  • Helps to hide effortlessly
  • Hook-and-loop and snap buttons detachable hood
  • Hood equipped with drawstring for a better fit
  • Adjustable chest and waist straps with quick release buckles
  • Strategically placed robust elastic bands to match the terrain with local foliage or concealment materials
  • Compression carry mesh pouch with webbing handle and drawcord included
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing, bird watching, wildlife photography, combat field games such as airsoft or paintball skirmishes
  • Dimensions (pack): approx. 8.7"x5"x5" (22x13x13cm)
  • Weight: 685g


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