G36C, Enters the market.

An Assault platform the size of a Submachine!!!! Enter the HK G36C
Gone are the days of decent gel blasters being limited to the M4 or AR15 and AK74 platforms.
We now have really good quality submachine variants in the MP5 and 7, now we also have a new G36C on the market.
We have written of WAT International in Underwood a few times of late and there is a valid reason, the guys are leading the way in bringing new model gel blasters to Australia that rival some of the best quality airsoft models worldwide.
This blog is about the brand new LDT G36C platform. $495 and she’s yours, and what an absolute awesome blaster this is. Out of the box our sample was putting down 310 fps, with electric blowback, mode select thanks to the BIGRRR V3 type mosfet and a weight and solidarity that we have been…..SCREAMING out for.
Long time readers will, well might know, that the G36 was my very first gel blaster, and that means I am in real trouble, because now I NEED this one. Like the new LDT MP7, the new G36C shouldn’t even be listed in the same sentence as the old ones we had a few years ago, they are lightyears apart in quality. The feel of this HK being a 1:1 scale is dead on, the weight..Is literally the same as well, weighing in at the same 2.8kg as the real thing. Made of beautifully cast injection moulded nylon polymer like the real one with the folding stock and the proprietary connectable magazines it’s undeniably like both the real firearm and the airsoft version, Ooof, the more I write the more I want.
The sample model for this article is owned by a friend, also a huge HK fan, who also just bought the new SIG MCX (look out for that blog soon) and had pretty much no intention of buying yet another blaster just yet, but the feel of this G36C just forces you to buy it. Yes it really is that good.
Well let’s talk function- being a V3 gearbox, it is much like the other LDT V3 in the HK UMP which has a track record of being very reliable and performing great. The G36C comes with the BIGRRR programmable mosfet, giving safe, semi, burst and auto fire modes, plus programmable binary and also the auto magazine prime function which is adjustable for the time it primes for. It is also unique in that it has electronic blow back, reciprocating the charging handle under the sight rail in my opinion more of a novelty than anything but kinda cool all the same. The fact that it has the EBB and over all is of such high quality makes me think this model must be of Umarex or Ares airsoft lineage, these features are near identical to the high end airsoft brands, which really reinforces the super high quality of this LDT blaster. The battery compartment is under the barrel, accessed by pushing one spring retained pin out and the lower half of the forend slides forward to reveal the mini Tamiya plug.
Chronographing at around 310 fps on AKA and Boom gels it is higher than advertised and ample room for a decent 11.1v battery up the front makes this carbine more than a match for any standard gel blaster currently on the market and priced at $495 it is also in the price range for the high end high quality blasters. A Magazine capacity of 280-300 gels is pretty much the industry leading volume bar the extended mags for other models.
If you're missing a G36C from your collection, now is the time to get one. This is yet another high quality blaster with the feeling of a real one, hopefully the LDT V3 internals can hold up to the task of powering this awesome quality unit for some enthusiastic game play.
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