Bucca's Outpost

Battlesim Event at Buccas Outpost  

Event run by The Weekend Warrior
Located near Kogan In South East Qld. 45minutes from Dalby.  Full address supplied closer to the event.


Our very own battle field located 3 hours west of brisbane in flat natural aussie bush. 650 acres of player freedom!!



Raids Of Gebet Rule set v1.01 rules for Raids of Gebet
Required for All players - Next of kin and medical form
Located in South East Queensland, gel balls full scale immersive playing field.
Buccas Outpost, located just over 3 hours west of Brisbane, near a small town called Kogan.
With Trenches, barricades, tank traps, sandbags and outpost buildings. Over 500 acres of aussie bush to navigate, fight for and dominate.
Our May 2023 event Operation Vipers Fury had 107 players step on to the field at 9am. Play halted at 5pm and restarted at 9am sunday. Players battled it out to the very end with a huge fight out in the Southern village to close out the event where 66 players stood at the end.
Buccas is 100% Aussie bush vegetation, there is 2 natural dams, a natural spring and a flowing creek…add some water on ground and we have MOSQUITOS.  How and why people can whinge about not being prepared for mozzies I don’t understand. THIS IS AUSTRALIA people, Bushman’s Tropical worked wonders for me just reapply every few hours as it does loose effect as it drys.  We will be supplying Bushmans spray at our events.


Porta-loo toilets provided at TWWA events








360 degree surrounded compound
Pill box fortifications over looking trenches
Sandbags lined trenches
Shade cloth roofed and windowed huts
Shanty hut
Tank traps and machine gun pits
Shell scrapes and baricades
Tank Traps
Fortified objectives
over 200m of trenches
Log barricades
Secure compound FOB