Iggys visit to Donnybrook


Several weeks ago I played at Donnybrook gel ball field would you believe for the first time. Since it has been opened three or more years I always missed whenever people I knew went there.

After a couple of hours drive we arrive at the small entrance to a property. There is ample parking on the grassed areas around the property.

The safe zone is clearly marked and fenced. This zone is strictly a no fire zone, with magazines removed. If you want to try your blaster you have to go into the range or game zone.

The day starts off with a safety brief explaining all the rules relevant to the site. This brief is kept short and to the point. Then everyone was given a few minutes before having to muster in the game zone ready for the first game brief.

I attended the day with my fellow milsim team the Secret Squirrels. Due to many of the team being regulars at Donnybrook we were able to conduct our own training in the morning. This allowed me to see just how large the site is as we walked through it to a location away from the morning’s games.

The size of the site is impressive and makes it worth the drive from the Gold Coast.

After our team training, we re-joined everyone else. The games varied and used different parts of the site. We found ourselves walking through what looked like the predator base. After finding a downed helicopter with fake skinned bodies hanging from the trees, as if it was straight out of the movie. We circled a dam and pushed through a straw hut village. Through various games.

After lunch, which was a sausage sizzle provided by the staff we were back out for a few more games close to the safe zone using a CQB area divided by wooden structures one of which had a tower that overlooked most of the CQB field.

Overall, the site is very nicely put together with a little bit of something for everyone. It’s well run and well worth a visit. It has taken me a long time to visit the site due to the distance and some people in the past had a less than savoury experience. That said I was very satisfied with it and will happily attend again in the future.IG.

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