Operation Tempest By Combat Simulations

Location: Susan River Gelball at the Susan River Homestead – Maryborough Qld

Team: SID: Rogue Agents of the South Squad: Secret Squirrels Role: Recon Scout Section 2

Australia’s first 3 day Milsim gelball event, that I know of. I stand corrected if that’s not right.

The lead up to the event was absolutely out standing. Comsim released a series of media release videos that built the background story for the event. Unfortunately in the days leading up to the event it was announced that the participant entry numbers were lower than anticipated. Non the matter, a quick revision of the teams and minor revisions to the storyline to suit had the event ready to roll on Friday 19th March 2021


Team TSI travelled 4 hours up from the Gold Coast, with C-4 (Lucas) flying in from Sydney on Thursday evening with a cracked rib, injured back and nail gun shot through his finger just days prior, living up to hos name…….#crazmaniac


I want to appologise before we start. Iggy and I both had phone batteries woes, with limited signal both phones were fighting battery life by friday night. Opting to run with phones off for many hours at a time to conserve what back up charger power we had meant photo taking was limited, many pics have been supplied to us by members of our squad that took them along the way..


In short this is the storyline Combat Simulations put together:

"SPEAR Platoon - Rogue agents of the SID who plot to take the MPR, believe that their current government is too weak to face impending war with the north and survive - they plan to fix that.

Currently laying low, SPEAR platoon will use any resources or weapons available to them to help achieve their goals.

With time in short supply, the PLAM makes final preparations to deploy a small team of operatives against the threat of SPEAR, hoping to put a stop to their planned coup before it even begins"


Iggy, Lucas and I were all part of the SID faction that was from the southern side which was 90% filled with players from our regular Milsim Squad Secret Squirrels as photo shows below


Our game started at 1200hrs on Friday the 19th. We gathered together 5 minutes from the venue from 1130hirs, so that our whole team could arrive at the venue together at 1205. All together driving into the venue and parking as a whole squad - 95% ready to roll out. With just 30 minutes until kick off, we got signed in for Covid and get our gear on, blasters chronographed to ensure we were all averaging the ideal 330 fps or less and make sure no one was over the hard limit of 350. From there we were all called to the briefing from event manager of Comsims Matt George. The briefing was to the point and all we needed to know. No bullshit, no hoorahs. Covid safe directives and limited game info to keep us on edge!!!!


Then we were on the back of a light truck kitted out with seating to be carted into the field of play. Team TSI were on truck load 1, we were taxied around 1km into the field to our drop off which was at roughly half way point of the venue land space. 3 trucks loads later, our team were all in field, plus our support car full of our water supplies ready to go.

After 30 minutes of sentry and security our whole squad was on foot heading to our forward operating base or harbour area (camp spot) which was another 800m further away, to a spot that was pretty much the furthest corner of the designated land space.


By 1430hrs we were at camp and mostly set up and for the weekend. Tents and tarps up, gear stashed away in our tents.
 Our first tactical movement for the weekend was a recon patrol for section 2, roughly 10 of us went on a patrol while members of section 1 set up a 180 degree harbour to provide security for our camp using the high ground and thicket bush to our advantage, nothing eventuated for the afternoon as the enemy didn’t approach the FOB.


The 10 of us on recon patrol headed north then veered off to follow 300 degrees from camp for total of 700m until we hit an MSR track heading west. Within 50m of where we hit the road we found a fence line and an admin vehicle dropping off equipment for what looking like border check point road block. After the vehicle left, there were no opposing PLAM members in sight so we continued west along the MSR for 500m, crossing the 300m wide open field and then into the next 100m deep wide tree line. Still yet to see a single PLAM member we changed direction to head south west using the thick bush for cover. With still sign of the enemy, we changed direction and headed east turning into the tree line opting to cut through the forest at around 2/3rd of the way to the main MSR on the South side of the venue, the road we were inserted on.


Passing a dam and a portaloo toilet in the tick thicket bush, we were fairly confident the enemy camp must be in this area of trees. But the bush areas is 800m x nearly 200m we were not able to check the whole space. We were pretty sure we were close but we were running short on our allotted recon time and were being ordered to head back to the FOB. Re-joining the MSR at the same location we were taxied to 4 hours earlier we then set foot and headed back to harbour crossing the open space on high alert, then into the next thicket as cover.
While we were out, our camp had not been attacked or active. Now 1640 hrs It was time for food and water.


Still no contact or any visual of PLAM by 2000 hrs, 5 of us geared up to go back to the bush area that we were convinced they were camped in uising the cover of darkness. We were dam sure the enemy must have been just north of the dam and the portaloo we passed by on the south side of earlier. Recon team TSI (Iggy, C4 and Myself) along with OZ1 airsoft players Preacher and Rattlesnake headed back along the MSR, across the open ground to the tree line, using a no torch light, just the moon and the incredible crisp night eye of a thermal monocular, we were on absolute highest alert, scanning the open areas and into the thicket every few steps, assuming we were also being watched using thermals we were being super cautious.
 We saw a few bright white lights, but assumed it was the admin vehicle moving. Once at the fence line, we headed north in silence along the trail just inside open ground keeping the barb wire fence between us and the bush.


Within 400m, we saw bright white torchlight in the distant tree line followed by loud laughter and voices. Now on absolute high alert we continued with the thermal as we walked. At this point we knew the PLAM camp was up ahead, we just couldn’t tell how far as the thermal could not yet see any heat signatures. We expected PLAM to also have thermal or night vision and to have members on sentry duty. We continued along in silence, voices getting louder and more and more flashlight usage seen but still no heat on the thermal. By roughly 600m, we knew exactly where they were. We were literally parallel with their camp which was a guestimated 50-70m into the thicket, we could now see constant red and white lights, could see their heat signatures clear as day on the thermal and hear them chatting, laughing and shouting aloud. Now we had a decision to make. Just 5 of us making an attack was suicide and our objective from SID control was to find them -not stir them up.

After around 10 minutes of watching and listening it was apparent they had no idea we were there, they didn’t even seem to be on guard or in the game base don the noise and lack of light protocol. We opted to pull back to safety and report back to command.

SID command didn’t want them to know we had found their camp, we wanted them to keep thinking that we were still looking.

We then opted to head back to the FOB and give full report to SID command. A fast hike back while checking our 6 with thermal as regular as we could to ensure we hadn’t been seen had us back to our bush area completely unchallenged with not a single heat signature seen this side of their camp.

Back at base we divulged our disbelief to command, seemingly in the game with out opposition, we all set plan to make movement and maybe attack PLAM after first light in the morning. So on that, we opted to get a good nights sleep and be up and ready to leave camp just after first light.


Saturday 20th.


Up at 4.30, fed and coffee’d, gear on and ready to roll by 5.30. Before we could head out to go say good morning to PLAM we received an objective by Comsim game control to retrieve an ammo cache that would be much needed by late morning. We were giving a rough grid location of the ammo cache.


Our field commander Wombat split us up in 3 sections for 3 objectives.

1) Recon on PLAM

2) Retrieve the Ammo cache

3) Camp security – lay mines and IEDs in the local thicket.


The recon mission was just 2 members Rattlesnake and Snowman, they went off early for some recon to check on the camp activity of PLAM while 12 or so of us went to look for the ammo cache. Whilst we were searching we had 2 if not 3 radios calls telling us to stand down for NO DUFF emergency medical issues for the PLAM side. We hadn’t event seen contact yet and the opposition was suffering. After radio coms calling the all clear we were back out looking. With no luck finding the cache our near 3 hour search covered hundreds and hundreds of square metres but after hearing a lot of activity and excitement over the radio from Rattlesnake we heading back to the FOB empty handed.


Rattlesnake and Snowman had a very action packed few hours. Running a muck amongst the trees. Once in field, they opted to hide their gear allowing them to travel light, with just dead rags and radios they were able to maneuver quiet and unknown getting to within 30m of the PLAM camp breakfast table, Rattlesnake and Snowman sat tight for over an hour watching and observing their movements.

It became clear that the PLAM technical vehicle was left un-manned. Rattlesnake (RS) took lead & approached the technical leaving their access gates open ready for a hasty retreat. RS took an inventory of the vehicles insides, including a beautifully plush Unicorn, which must have been the PLAM team mascot. The vehicles rego number was recorded. After waiting next to the vehicle for 2 minutes uncontested, RS tied his spare dead rag to the windscreen wiper, claiming the vehicle as destroyed and rendered inoperative. The first battle kill for the game which would MASSIVELY stir the hornets nest.


Once reported over coms to SID control, the request came to get a photo of the vehicle, confirm model & grid coordinates. Grid was easy enough as they already had it marked on the map thanks to our recon effort the night prior, however a selfie & model details had to be obtained. With care RS did as only rattlesnake does, completing these objectives with style & attitude snapping his proud selfie!!


After realizing the loss of their vehicle PLAM jumped to be in action, like ants leaving a nest the boys saw PLAM mobilize a squad, their radio call from game control must have come though quickly and it certainly seemed like they were looking for some revenge on the boys who had now pulled back to safety far across the other side of open ground near the border check point where their gear was stashed away.

60 minutes later PLAM came through the border check point with two sections & their freshly re-spawned technical, RS and SM were just 40m away hiding deep in the thicket bush keeping an eye on things and reporting back to SID search party and SID command, at this point it was obvious PLAM were hunting the dynamic duo but their hide was successful as PLAM passed by within 20m of their position.


This all happened while the 10 of us were out searching for the ammo, by the time PLAM moved to the check point we were just 100m south along the MSR. PLAM moved ahead of the duo in an attempt to push on SID ahead of them, interestingly their push south toward our searching squad had left their tactical once again unsecured, it was almost too good to be true.

RS & SM this time with AK’s shouldered moved to within 20m of the vehicle, the driver & commander standing outside the vehicle. Our boys took the risk and called out bang-bang so not to fire gels at the vehicle (which was stressed heavily in the briefing to ensure no damage to vehicles), as the PLAM members turned it was noticed the commander had removed his eyepro and looked quite shocked. It was definitely a mature moved by the boys to not fire, both PLAM members took their hits & got back into the shade of the car as dead and out of the game for the short term. The PLAM movement towards the search team was short lived, a small contact with SID search team as we pulled back into cover, but PLAM did not follow, appearing to lose interest, RS & SM joined up with SID once PLAM was out of sight.


With great success by the duo and but no success for us finding the ammo, we headed back to our FOB. On our return we learnt of our mine laying crew getting caught up in what was looking to be an attempted bait run and ambush on our guys by PLAM near the dam which was roughly 400m from our harbour. It seemed the PLAM guys that had lost interest in our contact 30mins prior were now nearing our FOB. We quickly replenished our water and gels then headed north north east passing the dam about 80m on our left, our intention was to head around the back and approach the dam from the north hopefully coming up behind the ambush.


Our 3 guys had been out laying mines and IEDs in a 100m wide 90 degree arc north west of our harbour area had nearly walked into what seemed to be early stages of an ambush. Staying quiet and laying low, our boys watched PLAM settle in around the dam, with roughly 7 guys using the banks and thicket of the dam as cover. Unfortunately for 2 of their guys they stumbled within 15m of SID member Sven who managed to get quick shots on and kill one PLAM member, with the other escaping back to beyond ambush site. Our 3 guys still on the ground stayed put while the rest of us mobilized and move around the far other side.. 
This lead perfectly to us flanking around the back. Taking our time we got to the banks of the dam unscathed, as we rounded the high ground we spotted, closed in on and shot one PLAM member who seemed to be on recon nestled on the banks.


Shortly after we were attacked from the south by 4 PLAM scouts. It was now obvious the fella on the banks there as bait, their ambush had worked. Iggy and I pushed further passed the dam taking them head on, Preacher and C4 stayed to our right over a little bank in thick bush ready to give us support from the side. Unfortunately Iggy got hit on the plate carrier from straight ahead taking a knee with his dead rag out. I managed to avenge him and got hits on his shooter plus another in the thick tree line ahead which allowed me the time to apply a tourniquet and medicate Iggy utilizing his first life. Unfortunately just after Iggy applied his bandage with me by his side (covid safe means we must apply our own bandages) I got shot in the back from directly behind me.. the way we had come in. 2 PLAM members had very successfully followed us into the ambush, while we were distracted from the south they came in with us from the north. But…whilst they had seen and hit me while playing medic to Iggy they hadn’t seen my cover of Preacher and C4 just metres away in the thicket. Both my boys getting shots on the two PLAM members, one of which took his hits immediately as he should, but the other required loud words projected in his direction before he would take the hits the hammered all over him from a mere 10m. 
Once I was medicated by Iggy using my first bandage for the plate carrier hit we cleared the rest of the area making sure there were non left alive. As the dead PLAM had no one to medicate them they took the 5 minute bleed out and headed back to their camp to respawn.

On the other side of the dam contact continued from the east, we ran over to assist our guys to flush them out and shoot them down. One managed to get away with fast feet heading north into the bush.

It was now late morning, the ambush completely neutralized and the area now clear, with just one SID player dead dead that could not be revived plus Iggy and my self using one first life bandage we all headed back to the FOB to get fully revived. The morning had been successful against PLAM but we had not yet found the cache which was a critical task for us.

New intel gave us exact GPS coordinates of the cache, which was just 700m from our camp, not the 1200m away area that we had been searching around earlier. After a quick but heavy rain shower- 5 of us went to retrieve the cache. Exactly where the GPS took us was where it lay. Success finally!!!


Back at camp we had some food, water and a few minutes feet up, it had been a busy morning, on foot since before 6am. The afternoons adventures would be objective based but not against PLAM. Radio coms had informed us that PLAM were now down to just over 50% of their starting numbers, due to the insane humidity several of their players were heavily dehydrated and suffering so they were out of the game back at HQ resting up. Comsim management opted to keep us busy and not wear on PLAM.


Saturday afternoon was filled with fun thanks to comsims superb event preparation. They had a 1:1 scale Gustaf recoilless 84mm training rifle for us to use. After some training, our mission was to disable a vehicle with just two shots of the Gustaf. We were told to wait for intel on the vehicles position. At 1317hrs, we were given grid reference for the location and told it would be leaving that position at 1400hrs. The grid reference had the vehicle roughly 1km from our FOB position, this meant we had 43 minutes to locate and destroy the vehicle. On foot we covered the 950 odd meters by 1340, in attack formation the whole way as we didn’t know if PLAM would be laying in wait for us or not. Once we neared the grid reference I spotted vehicle with several people surrounding the area on foot in security of the vehicle.

Forming up for an attack, recon squad TSI (Iggy, C4, Preacher and myself) pushed forward hard taking lead on the attack, flanking left 20 degrees to draw as much attention our way as possible to try and create space for Rattlesnake to come forward, he had carried the 17kg Gustaf the whole way and was eager to take out the technical, but he had to get within 30m of the vehicle to get the hit and we had just 4 minutes left.
Our flank attention grab worked, we pushed forward driving the enemy back, taking down all 4 guards with relative ease as they didn’t retreat quick enough. A few did manage to pull right back, we hunted them beyond the vehicle and cleared the whole area meeting with other SID members beyond the vehicle using the open space of a small dam to our advantage. One runner did get away, legging it north way beyond our working area. 
Our push through and passed the vehicle had made way and allowed for Rattlesnake to get on target and destroy the vehicle with 1 single shot as a direct hit using the open iron sights. With just 2 minutes left till the deadline we succeeded in our mission. Moral was high, we were absolutely pumped still 100% undefeated so far.


Team directives told us to pull back 150m and set a perimeter and harbour up until further instructions. Most pulled back leaving recon squad TSI in place for a few minutes, making sure no one appeared and followed the squad from behind. 
Once we were happy we pulled back in reverse bounding formation always having on in fire position watching our rear while the rest moved. Lucky we did!!! We heard some rustling from behind. Iggy saw some thing move and sure enough the runner was back. He had managed to get to within 30m south west of us. We all got into firing position and started firing. With relative ease Iggy managed to strike the player taking him out thanks to his APS Venom M4 being an absolute “tack” driver – well in gel blaster terms. With out a medic in sight the fella was down for the bleed out. We all then repositioned back at the runners location with eyes all around. We chatted with the runner and commended him for his effort, travelling all the way around the dam, he came seriously close to taking us down.

Who ever you were, well done, you were given a #TSI Secret Squirrel squad kill card!!! Props to you!! You were my highlight of the weekend.


We now attempted to pullback to the squad secured area, again in reverse bounding formation, we were now nervous that we could be chased again. For 70m we watched our arse’s, taking it in turns to pull back 1 at a time then stop and watch our walked path while the others moved. From here we all headed back to camp for a bite to eat.


Awaiting for us back at the FOB was another mission directive, a “surveillance drone” had gone down. Our objective was to retrieve the data from the drone. We were given a control box and a power pack, our mission was to find the drone, secure its location, copy the data from the drone, then return to the FOB and report back to comsim admin. A squad of
10 or so of us loaded up and headed to the grid reference roughly 600m north north east of our FOB, which was up to the boundary line for the playing space identified by an MSR track. In single line formation we searched the thick bush. Preacher and my self were the far right men on the search formation line, as we veered closer and closer to the MSR on our right, Preacher spotted some one walking on the track. It appeared the person was not friendly. Before he knew it, Preacher was hit by another playing hiding in the thick bush. The shooter retreated back toward the MSR. I was able to “apply” a bandage to Preacher using his weighted plate carrier life and get him back in the game. Immediately we attacked the shooter. Pushing forward taking her out pretty quickly.


Preacher then walked the MSR track to the North to keep eyes on the dead and out of the game Comsim admin players. I continued through the bush with one of our other guys to my left, who was now sure he had spotted some one laying low and very still in a gully. Using my 4.5-18 power Bushnel AR scope, I was able to quite clearly see a face with a camo hat, branches and leaves tied all over his AK47. He knew I was watching him, with me keeping his attention on me, my buddy flanked left and took him out!! With no one else in the area I looked down and there it was, the crashed drone just metres from my feet. Calling it through on our coms, the guys all pulled in and Taine started the data extraction while we set up a perimeter. 780 seconds later the drone data was retrieved and we hiked back to base.


We had some time out at camp, ate dinner and relaxed a little. Had been a big day. The sun was setting and the mozzies were absolutely rife! After continued radio contact with admin, it became apparent that the PLAM numbers were continuing to dwindle, more guys down with heatstroke or dehydration, some with sprained ankles and other injuries. It was at this point that an SID decision was made to approach the remainder of PLAM and offer a resolution to join forces on sunday and together run a muck and attack the comsim staff. We were conscious that the moral may be low on the PLAM side and with our numbers at over double theirs, any form of confrontation wouldn’t leave them much chance due to such unbalanced numbers. 
As we were all here for fun, we wanted to offer them a good time by joining forces and going hell for leather in the most fun way we could think of which was to also involve the legends on the Comsim team. 
 6 of us stood forward to hike to the PLAM camp, which through out the afternoon had now moved roughly 500m closer to us, now right near the border check point on the northern MSR. 
We moved along the track to the east side of the open field, heading north directly to PLAM site. After seeing a flash of white light 300m ahead, using thermal we found their position in the tree line. As we moved closer it was apparent that PLAM was actually wanting us to come play, they had used glow sticks to make arrows to tell us exactly where they were to entice us in a battle. But instead, we closed in on the area, offered our treaty and we chatted in peace. 
The PLAM leaders were up for it, yes their numbers were down, some of the players that were still active were not really rolling with the rest of the team further making the game content tuff for the leaders of PLAM.


We learnt that they were to be having their fun with the Gustaf 84mm rifle in the morning and against the Comsim admin just like we did. 
Our agreement was to join forces with them after their activities and create a road block to stop and hijak or maybe playfully kidnap Comsim admin staff. Using them as leverage to get the remainder of the event organizers to gear up and come play gelball with us all in one big skirmish. At around 2145 hours the weather was starting to turn, we said good night to our new friends and hot footed it back to camp. With the rain falling, we all gathered under the big tarp at our FOB for a planning session for how the morning would go. With theoretically no chance of PLAM attacking us by night we all headed to bed. Only to have our camp invaded by admin after most of our guys were laying in the bed. Unfortunately for the admin that were out late to harass us most of the guys were asleep or just hiding in their tents, just like me. I stayed I my jocks comfy in my tent away from the mozzies. Although I did power up my blaster, load a tracer mag ready to shoot if they came near my tent.. but alas, they didn’t.


Sunday 21st March


At first light we were up. I ate breaky while packing up and bagging up everything bar the tent and tarp that were wet. I hoped the morning sun would dry them by the time we return from “combat”.

As per our evenings meeting with PLAM, we moved out to our organized point for 8am. But unfortunately PLAM had not been able to take on the vehicle with the Gustaf yet, there was some form of delay for admin, we stood in wait at our meeting point north of the dam where the good fun ambush went down a day earlier, but they never came. The delays knocked on for over an hour. It was at the point we decided to go and pack down the rest of camp, have our bags ready for collection by our technical vehicle so that we didn’t have to do it early afternoon.


The Final bout for the event was to be an organized confrontation at the market place, which is the closest playing space to the main facility and admin buildings for the Susan rifle gelball field.
We were taken by vehicle from our FOB at the furthest point of the land space all the way to within 500m of the admin building saving us a 2km walk. Awaiting us was another incredible prop for us to enjoy made by Comsims. This was a mortar tube ready to be fired upon the market place, to send smoke rounds in as we moved in on the compound building within the market.

Intel told us there were potential hostiles in a compound at the north side of the market/village. All of SID bar 3 members who stayed back to operate the “mortar” set off on foot toward the compound. We had no idea if it was PLAM we were approaching or Comsim crew. There was a high chance that our agreement may fall through as Comsim game control may have had to override our plans to roll out the final bout for the day,


While nearing the compound I could see 4 Comsim members in the building, sitting up high on sentry, there were 2 guys on the rear corners and 2 toward the front and centre, all armed and looking spicy. The team members played their roles of approaching with blasters down, in non-aggressive form as directed. As we neared a fence line separating us with the building, fire broke out, they had fired at us as we got close. So here we were forming up and taking them on. Preacher and I flanked right, out of range of the sentry guys who were now heavily engrossed in shooting at SID members that were now tight to the building walls. Preacher and myself carried on around the right flank but moved in closer, managing to get shots on and all around the sentry to our side. The right rear sentry dropped down inside the building, we didn’t know if he was hit or just taking cover. This allowed us to move in, C4 and Iggy hugged tight on the wall and made it to the rear corner with us. Several other guys joined us and continued to shoot into the building and attempt to work their way in.


While SID attention was on the compound Preacher and I spotted more movement to the south of the market 120 odd meters away, 8-10 guys were moving in along the furthest tree line. We didn’t know if they were PLAM or Comsim crew and we still didn’t know if PLAM were in the compound building or not. 
This prompted the 4 of us to rally and push hard at them, we managed to stop 4 or 5 of them before they could get more than 30m into the market space. Rattlesnake and a few other SID members managed to keep the guys on the eastward tree line pinned down. 
With Preacher and I working closer to the 4 to 5 guys ahead of us we managed to pick off a few off one at a time. Iggy was moving around to my right in true Iggy Stealth form to clear out anyone that may be to our right to ensure we couldn’t get attacked from our 90.
By the time Iggy got parallel with us, Preacher and I had managed to knock down 4 of them, the 5th seemed to have pulled back to the easterly tree line and joined up with the rest of his guys who had made it north to parallel with the compound building. To be sure we were all good we cleared the whole area and moved back closer to the compound where the skirmish was still rife. 
We all joined in to attempt to clear out the whole compound.


I’m not entirely sure how it all eventuated but all of a sudden Preacher appeared from the far left side of the building and called for an in game cease fire, this was in the game it was not a safety issue. The cease was called because Preacher had managed to strike a deal with the head of PLAM who had managed to get in side and take control of the compound. To continue our friendship from and agreement from the night before, PLAM had captured one of the Comsim staff and wanted to offer the player to SID as a peace offering. So that’s what happened, the head of PLAM brought out the hostage and handed the player over to Preacher for a roll play capture.

This basically signaled the end of the weekend game play and teams roll in game. 48 hours after we were trucked into the field, the marshal whistle blew and we were done!!!... or were we.

As a collective we asked for just 15 minutes more time. We asked for just one more death match game, a 1 life only shoot em up!! So we did. We defended the building while PLAM tried to flush us out. Unfortunately still massively out numbered, PLAM couldn’t get in…. I ended up getting shot by taking a silly risk just for the sake of it. It was fun. But then we were done.


That’s it. That’s a wrap for the longest and one of the toughest gel ball milsim events ever. Wow, what a weekend. Yes things could have happened differently, yes maybe we would have liked to shoot our blasters more but that’s not what milsim is about. It was about the whole experience, the learning the land, recon of the opposition, playing the themed roles, the props supplied and enjoyed, the people, the camping and the absolutely everything else. 
Hell for me it was simply outstanding. I just want to go and play again… maybe with less mosquitos though, I can still taste the concoction of Bushman’s, Rid and Aerogard which we had to constantly keep applying.


I can’t thank Combat Simulations and Susan River Gelball enough. The event was absolutely outstanding. While there is different types of Milsim game play, some offer more combat, some are more recon and patrol. This one was more of the later which worked out great!!


Lessons learnt on the fly: Long days out in the field ie milsim gameplay cause gels to dry out in magazines, as a team we were regularly reminding each other to refresh our gels, empty drying gels out of mag’s back into bottles to rehydrate them and re fill the mag with other gels freshly hydrated from water, the whole weekend I kept cycling my gels to keep them fresh and not shrivel up. I also learnt the lesson that my tight bore high performance barrel really didn’t work with dry gels. Standard 7.4mm bore barrels work a shit ton better with drying gels and are far more suited to this kind of game play.


Another lesson- take more clothes. I was a little naive to the fact that others would be changing pants and shirts etc. I just changed what’s underneath and kept the outer the same rom start to finish. No big deal but could have added a little more comfort by freshening up. Will do next time!


Last lesson learnt: Don’t hold back- Don’t go easy on the opposition even though it may be the better sensible option at the time. If you get the opportunity to attack then maybe it is best to take it just in case the opportunity doesn’t arise again. That way the opposition don’t believe they went un-found and unbeaten. Being conscious of the oppositions moral and enjoyment levels and opting to give the opposition room to breath may not be for the better outcome overall. For us to end the game and to have high moral for days after the event only to start reading BS online written by the opposition spruiking about how they owned the game being successfully un-detected and in complete control, believing we were no where near them yet we were absolutely every where but they were just completely oblivious to it was hard to stomach.


This write up has been put together using post event notes from all SID players that had vital info to contribute. It is as detailed and accurate as I can make it. I appologise if there are any details wrong, I have written to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for reading. Marty - Call sign Apex Gunner of Secret Squirrels.

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