Platatac Echo Hydration Pack Mk II and hydration pouch.

Shortly before my last Milsim game. I bought a The Platatac Echo hydration pack MKII and Source WLPS Low Profile 3L Hydration System after the advice from a couple of teammates and friends.
Having already got a camelback hydration pack in FDE (Flat Dark Earth) that holds 3 litres, I tended to use that for hydration as it clips nicely to the side of a tactical daysack, (small backpack) or is easily carried on its own using its straps. In either set up it is a great piece of kit, ideal for bush trekking, biking, and skirmishing when using a belt or webbing set up.
I had it weaved through the molle on the rear of my 5.11 all missions plate carrier. Even though I had woven the straps through it still sagged on the back and not only pulled away from the plate carrier, but the gap it left meant foliage got stuck in the gaps when I manoeuvre around in games.
I opted to have the pouch that has just the molle as an attachment option. I also had the Platatac 3L bladder that comes with its own drinking straw. The bladder fits perfectly in the net pocket inside the pouch and the drinking straw runs through a hole with a Velcro cover at the centre of the top of the pouch, this makes it easy to be set up over the left or right shoulder. The connector for the straw uses a locking valve that allows you to disconnect and reconnect to the bladder even when it’s full. It is simple to use and very durable. It has a 90’ angled mouthpiece with a cap that’s attached via a cord. The mouthpiece also has a twist and pull mechanism to open and seal the straw making sure you save every drop. The straw itself bends easily to any way you need it to run through your kit but has a protective outer sheath shielding the actual straw within.
The model I have holds 3 litres of water in a bladder which has a rib separation in it to allow flow of water even when near empty. The bladder is sealed using a folding design that slips into a plastic rod that securely grips and locks the top of the bladder without any screw on lids that could get overtightened and break or get too tight to easily open. It also inhibits bacteria growth as well as protective elements to aid hygiene. The bladder is held in a net pocket in the main compartment but also has ample room for many more items such as food or even a small jet boil stove or various other supplies such as green gas or ammo. The internal dimensions of the pouch are 350mm tall by 250mm wide and 50mm deep.
In the main compartment there is another 2 net pockets that allow you to organise your kit held in your pouch. These are ideal for smaller items including snack bars, multitools etc.
Externally there is a full-length pocket on the back with a zipped opening three quarters of the way up the pocket. This is a great easy access pocket, large enough again for a green gas or mozzie spray. The pouch I opted to buy only attaches to molle, but you can get straps instead that convert it into a mini daysack. The molle attachment is so straightforward and easy to attach and once on is very secure. The pouch has an additional large Velcro loop at its base, suited to carrying the Platatac helmet cover but in reality, it can carry anything from a small sleeping system to rope etc. Molle covers the entire outside of the pouch allowing you to attach further pouches or equipment if you so wish. This pouch really doesn’t stop being useful. On the top of the back face of the pouch is a soft section of Velcro, ideal for any unit or personal pouches. Other smaller material loops and plastic D rings are featured along the sides of the pouch offering other solutions to carry the pouch or attach things to. And lastly there is a large grab handle on the top which can be neatly tucked away between the pouch and the plate carrier when they are attached. The pouch is made from 500D nylon, and all the major seams are double stitched, and bar tacked ensuring this pouch can survive what you put it through.
Even with the 3L bladder full as well as all the pockets you don’t feel an uncomfortable pull on your back because its molle attaches all down the pouch making it almost part of the plate carrier.
I am happy with this product it not only proved a better solution to carrying water but also gives me heaps more carrying capacity, keeping me in the game all day without having to haul a daysack on top of my body armour.
The Platatac Echo Hydration Pack Mk II is available in Coyote brown khaki, Terra Firma and Black.
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