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RFI 4dbi Antenna extension to suit Boefeng UV5R

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Hard work is done for you!! Just reap the rewards

UHF CB 477 mhz Mopole Antenna

This RFI 33cm antenna is an end-fed dipole (1/2 wave) with a tuned circuit incorporated in the base and a fully moulded radiating element. The end result is a tremendously rugged antenna suited for almost any application and perfect for in the aussie bush.

This antenna has been custom terminated to suit your Boefeng UV5R radio.  Simply unscrew your factory standard antenna and screw on the custom SMA connector to your UV5R to get infinitly better reception and transmission power.  An antenna this long should not be connected direct to the radio as it is likley to cause breakage to the plastic radio housing but with cable extension it relieves all stress from the radio and makesit  even easier to accomodate on your gear.

UV5R radios are a basic radio hugely popular for skirmish sports and other out door activities thanks to their very good functionality for such a bargain price.  Where they do struggle is in out right transmission and reception quality, often suffering from alot of cross channel or frequency bleed and interference causing poor signal and use in areas with heavy radio use ie gelball milsim events.

Using one of these world class aussie made 4dbi RFI mopole 1/2 wave antennas your $40 radio will out perform all other hand held radios in its class.

We have made the antennas with 1.5m of cable which allows for the antenna to be mounted on your back pack or anywhere on your gear with out limitation. Excess cable can just be weaved through your gear to keep it tidy and out of the way.

Limited stock right now, once sold out, we can take pre order for the next batch to be custom made, order time 2-3 weeks.


•RFI Antenna with 1.5m cable and SMA teminated plug to Suit Boefeng UV5R

Ground plane independent design allows installation in almost any location

 Available in stud or MBC mount
• Robust UV stable base & flexible whip

Please remember UV5R radios are a HAM frequency based radio, so if you transmit on any frequency other than the values allocated within the general use channels in the aussie 80 channel CB UHF radio laws you are then breaking the law and stand to be fined for illegal broadcasting without a broadcasters license.  Please ensure your radio is programmed to the 80 CB UHF channels and only used in channel mode not frequency mode.

Radio and gear not included.  

Brand RFI
Frequency MHz 476 - 477
Tuned Bandwidth Full. No tuning required
VSWR <1.5:1
Nominal Gain [dBi] 4
Power [W] 50
Frequency Range [MHz] 476 - 477
Connector SMA, UHF(M)
Band 477MHz
Tuning Supplied pre-tuned
Cable And Connector 1.5m RG58 low loss cable fitted with SMA connector
Whip Length mm 330
Whip Material Stainless Steel braid over moulded with UV resistant TPU
Antenna Type Omni