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Viper Tactical Modular Molle Single Point Sling

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This adaptable and adjustable bungee single point sling has quick release buckle, metal snap hook adaptor and is fully MOLLE compatible.  T Bar end for Molle tethering. Just weave it through where you want it to travel, using the T end to lock it in to the Molle.

  • With a length adjustment and MOLLE compatibility, the Modular Gun Sling can be added to most platforms and adjusted to the operators needs.


  • Single point sling
  • Length adjustment
  • Metal snap hook adapter covered with elastic tube
  • Quick release buckle
  • Elastic bungee section
  • Durable 1" webbing
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Full MOLLE compatibility
  • Can be added to most platforms
  • Securely holds gear together

 Images show sling fitted to generic plate carrier not included

To setup on a Molle section, bend the T end of the single point slide so the T is in line with the main sling, then feed through the Molle as per images, then open back into T shape, pull right so T stays firm in place on Molle.

  • Overall length: 27" (69cm) (not stretched)
  • Weight: 105g

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