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Viper Tactical VX 2 Point Sling

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Saves those arms, don't drop your bang stick in the mud!!

Don't be that guy to spend 5 bucks on a cheapo sling only to have your pride and joy blaster or rifle eat dirt the first time you need to rely on the sling doing its thing.

The Viper Tactical VX 2 point padded sling is a combat system designed with versatility and customisation in mind. This two point sling allows quick operation of a secondary weapon for paintball and gelball/ airsoft, or just as a mode of transport for your primary firearm. Whilst to some, a rifle sling may be a simple piece of equipment, a thoroughly thought out one can make a world of difference.

This sling from Viper Tactical offers a quick length adjustment mechanism for lightning fast extension. It works by pulling on the draw cord attached to the metal toothed clasp which instantly extends the sling length and drops the weapon down, ready for use.
While traversing with your weapon, the same mechanism can be used to tighten the strap so you can move around comfortably with your primary. The two-point system attaches to your rifle with metal HK type hooks with spring retention. The padded section can be moved along the sling to suit the length needed

These hooks also have elasticated covers to protect your weapon from scuffs and scratches. A truly well thought out sling for the airsoft/paintball player or hunter


  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Adjustable length from each end
  • Quick adjustment mechanism
  • Metal hooks with spring rentention
  • Elasticated covers for scuff protection

    Max length: 160cm (thats long enough for sasquatch)  
    Min Length: 100cm (small adult or big kid size)

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